Friday, January 11, 2008

some of what Dabilluo said in the press conference with Abbas in Ramallah ...UN what UN ????

Actually, I'm asking the zionists to negotiate in good faith with an elected leader of the Palestinian Territory to come up with a permanent solution that -- look, the U.N. deal didn't work in the past. And so now we're going to have an opportunity to redefine the future by having a state negotiated between an elected leader of the Palestinian people, as well as the Prime Minister of the zionists. This is an opportunity to move forward.And the only way for -- the only way to defeat the terrorists in the long run is to offer an alternative vision that is more hopeful. And that's what we're attempting to do, sir.
To read the rest of this enlighten press conference please click on link
I like this picture. It really shows how much friendship and fonding these two people have for each other .Who cares about Palestine and the Palestinian people ?

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