Thursday, January 17, 2008

The zionists kill Palestinians ,destroy their homes and uproot their Olive tress ,and no one is saying a word against this.....

Sometime between the afternoon of 12 January and the morning of 14 January,six olive trees in Khoruba Valley, belonging to a Palestinian villager fromAt-Tuwani, were broken, seriously damaging the trees.
The damaged trees are in the middle of a small grove. The Palestinian ownersays that the tress were about ten years old. He noticed the damage when hecame out to plow and plant the adjacent field on the morning of 14 January.Local Palestinians attribute the damage to neighboring zionist settlers, who have engaged in continued harassment of Palestinian shepherds.
In the days preceding and following the incident, zionist settlers ( civilians and soldiers) have threatened and harassed Palestinian shepherds grazing their flocks nearby. On Saturday, 12 January, a group of settlers from the illegal settlement outpost of Havat Ma'on approached shepherds grazing their flocksand fired six shots in the air. The Palestinian shepherds and their flocks scattered.
On 15 January, ziomist soldiers threatened to arrest Palestinian shepherds if they continued to graze their sheep in the adjacent valley. zionist settlers have previously damaged or destroyed olive trees belonging to Palestinian residents of At-Tuwani and neighboring villages, including destroying a grove of over one hundred trees in January of 2006.

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reemti said...

to the tree she will cling, as she would cling to her lover to protect him from death..she will hold hi dear in her strong old arms and defend his seeds , the Zaitoun which is as fertile as sperm, to carry on life and continue the ancestry. The occupiers will take all he dignity, but she wil not release it not without force, Cling woman cling, they are killing your love , you land your babies ,,,, hold steadfats for we are with you as we cling to il balad, to the same eath the soil he sand the flowers , like martyrs, if they take the trees we will plant poppies, and breed birds who willl sing your grief and soar above the poppies as we know the land is red with the blood of our beloveds,