Monday, February 11, 2008

The precise goals of an inevitable invasion of Gaza according to the zionists.....

Ben Yishai a zionist reporter wrote an article today that shed the lights on a decision to launch an invasion of the Gaza Strip, had been made even before the Winograd report was published, and that it was kept secret in order to surprise Hamas as much as possible. Ben Yishai said, if the zionist forces succeed in surprising Hamas, zionist casualties will be reduced to the minimum, especially in the first stage of the operation.

Here are the objectives of the invasion according to the zionist :

1- Providing the space for the zionist army to operate freely in the Strip and collect as much intelligence information as it can very quickly.

2- Reducing drastically the number of homemade projectiles being launched from the Gaza Strip.

3- Destroying the infrastructure of Hamas and all Palestinian military groups.

4- Closing the "Philadelphi Corridor" between the Gaza Strip and Egypt in order to prevent smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip to at least 60%.

5- Avoiding casualties amongst Palestinian civilians as much as possible.

As for the strategic goals of the operation, he named them as:

1- Toppling Hamas and establishing a stable Palestinian rule under international monitors.

2- Removing weapons from the Gaza Strip, mainly homemade projectiles.

3- Achieving a zionist control over the Gaza Strip's border crossings including the Gaza Egypt border for several years either directly or through coordination with the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptians, or international mediators.

Here you go....Please do not say I did not tell you

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