Friday, February 8, 2008

Tony Blair ( you remember him ? ) promised to aid zionist Dichter with travel to UK.............

ziomist Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter met on Friday afternoon with International Middle East envoy Tony Blair, who was surprised to hear Dichter say that he was unable to travel to the United Kingdom for fear that an arrest warrant would be issued against him by local authorities over the July 2002 killing of Hamas leader Sheikh Salah Shehadeh.

Dichter, served as Shin Bet chief during the aerial attack on Shehadeh's Gaza home which also left 14 Palestinian civilians dead, cancelled a planned visit to Britain in June 2007 because of this.

Blair said that the claim was nonsensical and told Dichter that he had taken care of the matter while still in office and believed it had been resolved. The British envoy promised he would look into the problematic issue.

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