Sunday, December 28, 2008

FPA Statement2 on the Gaza Strip Massacre

The FPA is issuing these consecutive statements on the ongoing Gaza massacres to call for action and to focus a light on some of the critical aspects of what is occurring [goto here to FPA Statement 1]. We call on all to seek or start protests in their respective areas and to join in the National Day of Action on Tuesday, December 30, called for by the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, MAS Freedom Foundation, the Free Palestine Alliance, the National Council of Arab Americans, and Al-Awda.

As the Zionist colonial army continues unabated in its onslaught of murder against the besieged Gaza Strip, escalating the number of killed to 290 and rising, with over 800 injured and 200 in critical conditions, it is important to briefly evaluate the role of the United States, Arab regimes, and the Palestinian Authority in allowing these massacres to continue.

The United States:

Undoubtedly, these acts of colonial murders would not be possible without a diplomatic and political green light from the failed Bush Administration. This Administration, plagued with consecutive disastrous decisions, from the war on Iraq and Afghanistan to the collapse of the overall US economy, is further displaying its disregard to international law and moral obligations. The neo-cons of the Bush Administration believe that they can bomb the area into a new Middle East, where resistance to colonial power is non-existent. They seek to control land mass, waterways, air space, and oil resources that are concentrated in the Arab world, to rob resources just as they have robbed banks, investments, and homes in the US. These attempts are taking place directly by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and indirectly through Zionist colonialism in Palestine and Lebanon. Many believe that the Obama presidency will cause a significant change in this policy. Yet to date, we have not heard a condemnation or a position from Barak Obama. This is a chance to set a new policy regarding Palestine, Iraq, and the Middle East as a whole. We call on the US peace and justice movement to continuously demand a clear position of justice and a change of US policy under the Obama tenure, which to date has not shown any movement in that direction. A honeymoon of continued failed policies is not an option, as it has a bitter taste to its recipients.

The Arab Regimes:

It is beyond shameful that Arab regimes have entered servitude to a point that the Israeli murders in Lebanon and Palestine no longer invoke any relevant reactions. There should be no illusion that a reaction will come. Those are client regimes in their entirety, imposed on the Arab masses by force and through dictatorships. These despotic regimes do not represent the aspiration and hopes of the Arab people and hence can't be expected to assume their expected role to protect sovereignty and dignity. A regime change throughout the Arab world is a must, without which the Arab people will continue to suffer from despotism and dictatorial rule. Arab wealth belongs to the Arab impoverished Arab masses, not to monarchs and dictators.

The Palestinian Authority under Mahmud Abbas:

The PA was ushered into reality by Oslo and Madrid. It is an authority brought to existence to carry out the policies of a Bantu government, much like the role played in South Africa under Apartheid. It has a functionary and complicit role. Only today, it stopped protests in Ramallah rather than join the people in protest. It plays the role of an overt policeman and security agent for the Zionist army. Politically, the Palestinian movement was never about securing servitude or a Bantustan, nor is it about truncated borders and partial rights. The PA is playing the role of misleading the Palestinian people to a path of neo-colonialism away from liberation, very much similar to what many decolonized nations went through during the decolonization era from the fifties to the seventies. The PA has evolved to be a real hurdle to liberation, not the needed catalyst for freedom.

In essence, the current onslaught has the complicity and explicit agreement of 4 players: Israel, the US, Egypt, and the PA. Only with such explicit complicity could such murder take place before the eyes of the world.

Call to Action:

The time is now to seek full change in policies in the United States and the Arab world. Peace and justice are inseparable, and real chance can only occur when the Palestinian people, particularly those starved and besieged in Gaza, achieve full freedom and independence. It is time for Zionist colonial actions and their complicit Arab despots to be exposed. The Lebanese people have proven that the Zionist army can and will be defeated. The Palestinian people in Gaza will do the same despite starvation and wholesale murder.

The Free Palestine Alliance, USA
December 28, 2008

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