Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stickers placed in public in Paris sidewalks....We should have this duplicated everywhere

1500 Deaths, one third Children
5000 Injured
20000 homes, schools, and Hospitals destroyed

the other one says
I refuse to consume products made from" Israeli" war criminals
Thanks Kathrine


Leyla said...

i went to 3 different supermarkets that stock Israeli fresh herbs , instead of just boycotting them i spoke to the manager and i requested a choice of herbs from elsewhere than Israel . I told him why I was not buying Israli or westbank Products , he looked at me as if i was a martian . But he got the message .

I also went to Marks and spencer and picked up a melon and went to the cashier and then told the cashier i changed my mind , the origin of the melon said Israel . i hope the cashier gives the message to her Boss .

Maju said...

Yesterday I just saw a van with the brand Nestlé on it and I really really felt frustrated for not having a bunch of stickers on me with the "Boycott Israel" logo on it.

Soon to come, I guess.