Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your Wisdom Will Always Guide Us.....Always

Two years ago today Dr. George Habash’s body left us ,and since then , many books were published about this legend El Hakeem ( the doctor and the wise in Arabic) ,who became a beacon to freedom fighters world wide and an Icon of steadfastness for humanity ,democracy and goodwill .

Dr.Habash was a visionary and a complete around pure person.
And even though ,all of the ideals that El Hakeem stood for since he was forced out of his Palestinian town ,Lidd, as a youngster ,will always hold true and they will be appreciated and much understood by Arabs in general ,and Palestinians in particular ,the mechanism for implementing these ideals are still either out of order or rusty .
Habash understood early on , that the Zionists invaders of Palestine are coming to completely get rid of the Palestinian people in any which way possible ,this is how they can proof that they (the people with no land )are coming to a land with no people .This Zionist manifesto is ruthless and will it cost a lot of lives and cause a lot of pain ,but it can not survive as long as Palestine will remain the heart of the Arab world .Habash understood this and build on it. He understood that the invaders can only be defeated by force, and thus became famous the slogan,”What was taken by force, can only begotten back by force”.
That’s why Habash and many of his Arab Comrades founded the Arab Nationalist Movement .Habash insisted early on that a Democratic Arab Popular Movements should be formed in newly carved Arab States, carried on due to the Sykes Picot accord which knew very well that the easiest way to control this region is to form “States and install Presidents and Kings” whose main purpose will become in finding ways to stay in power, while the Empires in charge will collect the benefits of its doing .
The Arab National Movement that was calling for Arab unity in face of the outside invaders became early on in its existence the real enemy of the Zionist state and all its supporters .It also became the enemy of many of those Arab Kings and Presidents who saw in unity a loss of their power and control. However the movement got a lot of support within the Arab masses, especially in the mid 1960s when Gamal Abdel Nasser was a leading voice for this movement. This also opened the door to the formation of Palestinian “liberation” groups that saw the need to start fighting the Zionist on the land of Palestine . Habash founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine which was the Palestinian arm of the Arab National Movement in every aspect, especially in it’s believe that no liberation of Palestine will take place unless Palestine remains a part and parcel of the Arab Nation. The formation of many Palestinian resistance groups in early 1960s ,and later the PLO ,and the understanding of Habash ,that the leadership PLO will eventually give up the struggle for a piece of silver ,before achieving liberation ,put on him a heavy load of explaining to the Palestinian masses and even to his cadres in the PFLP that this inter Arab relationship should remain the anchor of the struggle .

He succeeded on the Arab mass level ,but was fought every step of the way and on every Arab official level.
Now, it’s becoming clearer more than ever, that only by going back to the principles that Habash taught us, we will achieve freedom and democracy .There’s no other viable way that will achieve this. Palestine liberation has to come through a liberated Jordan , Egypt ,etc .The Arab people are one ,and their struggle is one, and the result will be freedom and democracy to all of the Arab people and the Arab world.
That’s why, the Zionists everywhere still believe that an Arab Nationalist Movement will be the worse possible enemy it will face and will not be able to defeat.

And that’s why Habash teachings and life should be the guide that will for sure get us to a free and democratic Arab Land .The sooner we get to re-learn that the sooner we will be free.
Many will never waver from Habash's teachings and many more are pledging everyday to adhere and to work for the ideals of Habash ,and they will until liberation and freedom are achieved , and they will be achieved .......

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