Friday, July 16, 2010

Get Involved with The Palestine Fairies Project

Stories about Palestine and Womanhood

Sawt Al Niswa is proud to launch the Palestine Fairies Project*, an initiative to host the voices of Palestinian women living in Palestine , in exile, and other emerging voices that narrate the stories of Palestine and womanhood. The project is a process of understanding the Palestinian struggle as one of the most fundamental struggles towards liberation, and how it reflects on women, in particular, in their process of emancipation. The project comes to underline Palestinian liberation as literal and metaphorical used to construct examples about collective emancipation as a gateway to all forms of freedom.

As such, the Palestine Fairies Project represents a series of reflections on Palestine and Palestinian women engaged in social and political struggles.

Sawt Al Niswa invites all the voices from Palestine and the globe to construct a narration of Palestine and womanhood by submitting articles and creative contributions of their own perspective of Palestine , womanhood, the Nakba, occupation and exile.

*Fairy, used in the title of our project, means a small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, esp. a female one.

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