Thursday, January 24, 2008

For those of you who are wondering when Abbas and his zionists masters are meeting next , the answer is Sunday...Hope you're happy now.

On the Agenda :

- Finalize the plan of "liquidating Hamas Leadership in Gaza .

-Finalize plans of "liquidating everyone from the West Bank who would object to the massacre that's going to happen in Gaza .

-Give an update on how the "collecting of weapons" from Palestinian Freedom Fighters in Occupied Palestine is going.

-Ask for an extension to keep the red carpet that Abbas borrowed when Dabilluo came to El Muqata3a ,for a couple more weeks ,because Condi is visiting and she was not happy with the reception she received last time ,so it would be nice to treat her like a Dabilluo and have her walk on the red carpet.

-Lunch , and Abbas is bringing the Fatoush with him .

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