Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Their first plan did not work ,it's time now for plan # 2

It was obvious that the Dabilluo ,Olmert and Abbas' plan was first to try and
starve the 1 1/5 million Palestinians who live in the Gaza Strip ,so they can
turn on the Hamas leadership and this way Abbas and company will come
in and claim victory and power ,and start implementing what their leaders (the zionists and the Americans) had planned for them.

News reports claim that Dabilluo ordered Abbas and Olmert to make sure Gaza is " clean and ready" by the time he goes back to Occupied Palestine and celebrate with the zionists the 60 years of our Nakba.

Now since this plan did not work , we all should expect an out-right attack on Hamas leadership and a complete destruction to everything that relates to Hamas pretty soon .

The worst is yet to come .......and that's why you see Olmert and Abbas smiling

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