Monday, February 1, 2010

Setting Conditions on the Palestinians by Solidarity Groups

Let Me Draw This Picture For You
Have you ever noticed that almost nothing the Palestinians and their resistance factions do is acceptable by the Palestine solidarity groups and Peace and Justice movements in the West?
Here are some of what some of this solidarity and anti war, peace organizations keep saying so they can get out of supporting the Palestinian struggle:
The Palestinian cause is very complicated.
The Palestinians should abandon armed struggle.
The Palestinians are asking “Israel” to give up too much.
The Arabs are the reason why “Israel” occupied Palestine, of course Palestine according to them is the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
And there are many more sayings that you all are familiar with.
I do not think that the Palestinian question and struggle for liberation and Return is actually that complicated.
Let me draw this picture for you ….I will use only black ink on white paper, so please use any color and or shade you like to color this picture. Anything you do to make you understand the picture is for sure much appreciated.

The region, the Arab World, is one of the oldest known to humans. Many civilizations took hold there. The three religions that proclaimed God a supreme being started there. This region is now called the Middle East because the Empire a couple of centuries back decided that by splitting brothers and sisters and giving them fake controls, Empire can reign and do what they want with the land, its resources and its people. To make sure its control will last, the Empire decided to implant a foreign mole made up of European collections of people in the heart of the Arab World. It thought that the best way to make sure this mole survives and maybe, in the future expands, like a cancerous cell, is by uprooting the indigenous people who lived there continuously for thousands of years.
They said, "we’ll give this land that has no people to the people who have no land."
Are you following the lines I am drawing in this picture? Empire wants to give Palestine to some Europeans, who obviously have a land, and take it from the Palestinians, who obviously lived on this land for hundreds of centuries.
Arab Palestinians, just like any other people on the face of Earth, would do whatever it takes to get their homeland back. They declared this from day one and never once wavered from the dream of going back to the homes that many still hold the keys for more than 60 years after they were forced to leave them.
In the meantime, the Zionist colonizers of Palestine also decided that they will stick it out so the purpose of their existence, which is serving the Empire's needs, will be fulfilled.
It is a well known fact that the Zionists employed and still employ the most deadly weapons they have so they can get rid of the Palestinians. No one should have a super memory in order to remember the war crimes that just happened in the Gaza Strip last year.
For almost a century the Palestinians have been facing the worst massacres known to man, and what makes it hard for them, is the one sided stance the world community is taking.
The Palestinians have no doubt that only by force they can get their land back. Actually, it’s becoming more evident to them now, that only by inflicting pain and causing a high cost on the foreign occupiers of Palestine, their allies and supporters that change will take place. Only by force they can accomplish Liberation, Freedom and Return. Their almost four decades of trying to negotiate a just solution to this problem has proven that the Zionist foreign colonizers of Palestine are not interested in that. They are not interested in finding a solution, because the struggle is not about borderlines but it’s about the very existence of the Palestinian people. The Zionist foreign invaders are coming to an empty Arab Palestine, their theory says.
But this theory is crumbling. None of its aspects will succeed, and the Zionist colonizers and the allies and supporters should know that by now. The signs are already on the wall and the racist acts that the Zionists are doing all over Palestine is a clear sign that the days for this unnatural growth, mole in the region are numbered. The continuous attack on the 1.3 million Palestinians who live in the 1948 occupied Palestine, the daily killings and jailing of Palestinians in what’s left of the West Bank and Gaza, the building of a snake-like separation racist wall and the war crimes committed by this rogue state are signs of a dying cancerous cell in the Arab World's body, and no one should have a doubt about that and no one can stop it or cure it.
This foreign body is on its way to the surgical table and the Solidarity movements, the Peace and Justice groups and you should help the Palestinian people do it fast. It will, and it’s better if you and they take the correct stand by supporting the oppressed and the occupied and reject the colonizers and invaders. It’s really not that complicated. You and they always take the correct stand on pretty much every issue – complicated or not, but always struggle with the Palestinian issue which is black and white.
The Palestinians want you to be celebrating with them when they liberate their homeland. They would want to recognize you for your courageous unwavering support to all just causes, and it would be a shame for you not to be there. What excuse can anyone have for supporting the Zionist colonizers of Palestine? What excuses can they have for not supporting the Palestinians' liberation of their homeland and return to it? How can anyone be able to be for peace and justice for all but not the Palestinians? Why should anyone dictate to the Palestinians what they can and can not do to get their land back? And why should be the Palestinians be only ones who would get this honor?
Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea because:
- All colonizers all through history came and are long gone.
- The Palestinians are the owners of this Arab land.
- The Zionist colonizers are no more than a collection of Europeans, they are foreign to the land, its inhabitants and its surrounding, and they will not be able to survive there unless they give up their racist mentality and become part of a democratic secular popular Palestinian Arab state.
- No super power will be able to defend and save a foreign body that is threatening the survival of an Arab World regardless of the methods they apply.
- People eventually will be free, this is what we learned from history, and Palestinians are no different, and to achieve this goal, they will use whatever method they see viable, people through history did that, and no one will be able to stop this.

Is the Picture clear now? Is the Palestinians issue really that complicated? Please share this picture with others.

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