Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sickening...I want to throw up

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Anonymous said...

I threw up 28 years ago on Hearing that the Walid Quadoura the Son of PFLP, the nephew of Great PFLP Ahmed Al-yamani was a traitor since 1964. He Was with Hawatimi in August Congress held in Jordan in 1968, but on the last minute he stayed with Habash, He was one of the leaders of the second sepration (Althewriya), and again on the last minute he stayed with PFLP.

He joined Abu Al-abbass, was arrested by Abu Iyad for treason. After sucking Walid, Abu iyad handed Walid to Abu Alabbas.

Israel saved his ass in 1982, he moved to Gulf and being a great asset he was planted in a Cultural centre.

Sicking, do you agree yousif??