Monday, April 19, 2010

The scary call I received 15 Years ago Today

Fifteen years ago today I received a call that scared me like never before or since . The raged voice on the other side of the line said : We are going to do to you worse than what you did to Oklahoma ....Then he cowardly hanged up.

Disturbed and not knowing what was going on ,I turned on the TV and here it was : The Authorities are in pursuit of some Middle Eastern looking men that they believe are behind the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Of course ,we all knew later that they had in custody a white person ,Timothy McVeigh , that they believed was the one who blew up the Building ,but they still were accusing "Middle Eastern"looking men of doing that horrible crime and flaming hatred and sick feelings into stupid racist people.

A couple of months later ,someone fire-bombed my business and shocked up the building off its ground. We still do not know who did it ,even though ,the whole event was captured in surveillance tapes and it showed clearly a white person doing it.A person that I am sure knows that I for one was and will always be against attacking and killing honest civilians who a working hard trying to feed their families and are an aware of such a coward persons or groups that thrive on hate and spilling blood.

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