Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is what the zionists will be short lived because Palestine will be free...No Doubt about it

This last report about the zionist invaders of Palestine will start emptying the West bank of its population is not but one of the many actions they have been taking for more than 62 years .The only way we can stop those racist fascist invaders of Palestine is by making the colonization of Palestine become extremely costly to the zionists and all of their supporters so its would not make any sense for them to maintain its hold over Palestine .

This can only happen when we all understand that the zionists came to our land to take it without its Arab inhibitors .Remember that they wanted to give the people who have no land (the collection of European zionists) ,the land (Palestine) that had NO people (the Arab Palestinians) . We need to understand that the fight with the zionist colonizers are not for borders but it’s rather for the very existence of the Arab Palestinians .

The sooner we understand this the sooner we will know that only by taking this cancerous body out of the region that peace will prevail. Its not logical or even possible to have peace with a collection of racist fascist zionist invaders and their off-shouts as long as they believe in the zionist manifesto which only means getting rid of the Arab Palestinians by any which way possible so they can have Palestine empty of its rightful owners.

There should be no two ways about it. A huge task? of course ,but there’s no other way around it because Arab Palestinians ,like the rest of people of the world should be able to live free on their land that is from the River to the Sea.

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