Friday, May 31, 2013

An all out war against "Israel" is now in order

If after two and a half years of mayhem in Syria you still believe that all of this is to throw off President Bashar El Asad, then something has to be wrong with you. And please don’t get me wrong, because the Syrian Regime is far from perfect, but it’s not any worse than the regimes that are spending Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in this game of destruction of un-Godly proportions.
And what makes me shake my head and scratch what’s left of my hair is when I see that people who should know better are actively supporting this massive destruction of Syria. They must know that nothing good for our Arab people and Homeland will come from the likes of the Saudi King, Qatari ruler,Turkey, the US and the EU , and the Zionist racist occupiers of Palestine.
What is suspicious is many so called “leaders “ and “educated” people are going on  media outlets (owned by Qatar , Saudi Arabia, the West and even the “Israel”) ,and demanding more use of force and outside intervention so Syria ,which is the back-bone of the Arab Nation , be brought back to the stone age , knowing very well  that what’s happening here  happened in Iraq , Libya , Sudan , Yemen .
And what is more suspicious and alarming, is that many Arabs and especially Palestinian intellectuals  ,simply because they hate the Syrian Regime , are leading this Campaign of distortion ,signing “laughable”  letter written by the King of Saudi Arabia demanding Democracy in Syria  and echoing non-sense rhetoric by  Abbas and his PA about how the Syrian Regime did not fight “Israel” and regained back the Golan Heights ,while most of what Abbas spend the last 20 years negotiating to build his mini-stan  is gone to illegal Walls , settlements and  Jewish only roads all over what’s left of the West bank.
This is while Hamas, which was safe-guarded and supported to the bone by the Syrian Regime and People, sells out and stabs Syria in the back in a definite un- Arab and Moslem fashion.
So what is going on? And why is this happening in this age of “Arab Spring”?  Is this really taking place because President Bashar El Asad is that ruthless?
This is taking place for one and only one reason, which is to fulfill the US-Zionist plan of creating a New Middle East where ciaos and many Emirates (led by the Moslem Brotherhood) will be the new norm in the region.  But to be able to implement this, the regimes that might take a position against this has to go down first. This is what happened in Iraq and Libya. This is what they tried in Iran and Lebanon and Gaza and this is what’s taking place right now in Syria.
It’s obvious that some elements of this wicked plan did succeed, but it’s very important to believe that even though many set-backs are taking place, the main plan has failed. The war in Iraq tore the fabric of society upside down and destroyed the country beyond belief, got rid of President Saddam Hussein, who ruled with Iron fist but kept the country in the anti West camp. Decades after this Iraq, the leaders that were installed there now realize that they can’t be a part of the West’s plan and that’s why we see the campaign of mayhem is back. The leadership in Iraq for many reasons knows that it can’t split the country into pieces and for that its back into the Crescent of Resistance along the side of Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.
Hamas after years of being in the Resistance Crescent ,and after losing many of its Cadres and  facing a war in 2008 finally decided to follow its leader Khalid Mashaal and sell out for a handful of Dollars and a promise to establish and Islamic Emirate in Gaza , a plan its mother organization , the Moslem brotherhood ,adopted years ago and is trying to accomplish in Egypt  , Libya , Tunis and Yemen  . It’s facing splits in its ranks in Gaza and elsewhere and its campaign to reign in other resistance groups in Gaza is not succeeding like its masters in Qatar want.
Hezbollah in Lebanon has been facing all kinds of internal (Lebanese) and external (“Israeli”) obstacles and plots for many years. The defeat of the Zionists invaders in 2006 and the consequent obtaining and developing of advanced weapons is putting “Israel” and its supporters on notice and creating an alarming situation to all the Arab States, especially those in the Gulf, and the US.
Iran is beyond reach of the West. The endless sanctions and threatening of war against it, and  the attempt to destabilizing the country by having almost 8 million people go on the streets years ago , makes it more bold and determined to pursuit its quest to become a regional power  regardless of what it’s going to happen and with whichever  means necessary . It understands very clearly that for it to succeed it needs to maintain, strengthen and safeguard this Crescent of Resistance and thus its advancement in the nuclear field and its support in all fashions the rest of the rings of this Resistance Crescent.
Syria being a part of this cycle had to face what its facing right now. The many attempts by the Arab Gulf States and The West to buy off Syria has failed. A main reason it failed because the US and its Camp can’t be trusted. All the promises the US gave to its lackeys failed to materialized all through History and it let them hang in the wind by themselves when  they needed the US support the most .From the Shah of Iran to Marcus of the Philippines to Mubarak of Egypt, the US always jumped the ship and left its slaves sink  .This was clear to Asad the father and the Son and should be clear to all. Asad is smart to understand that he needs to be a part of patriotic front that will try to live on its own undivided homeland away from the control of the West.
So now after the Crescent  of Resistance has pretty much survived this attempt to be swallowed by the West ,and actually sabotaged its plan of creating a New Middle East , finds the ball in its court and it has to make sure that  lessons be taught to enemy front , starting from “Israel” ,Turkey , Saudi Arabia , Qatar  , Jordan and especially the EU and the US and ending with the traitor individuals and groups who sold out its homeland for a handful of Silver .
The divide is now clear between the Two Camps. “Israel” ,its Arab partners ,EU, the US and all the sell-out individuals and organizations  are clearly in the anti Arab-Nationalist  Camp and their plan was going to bring nothing but more misery and loss of Lands and Rights for all of the Arabs . And the Crescent of Resistance Camp that wants to make sure that people of the region live on our land with dignity and Freedom away from outside and foreign intervention and influence.
The Crescent of Resistance needs to launch an all out war against “Israel”, so it can prove to all that we as a people have  Just Rights and that its time that we get our lands back from this paper Tiger. Missiles from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine should shower the Zionists and masses should be directed towards Palestine at this time when “Israel” and the US believe that they can do anything they want unchecked.  If this doesn’t happen, then the enemy camp will be encouraged to continue with its plan using other methods that will eventually succeed.  “Israel” needs to be clearly defeated and we all know that this can happen especially when it’s confronted from all sides. The US needs to also be defeated because its high noon that it stops raping our Homeland and sucking its resources and controlling our people’s future. But most importantly, the “Israel” ,US client Arab States need to be liberated from those slaves of the West so the dream of the Arab Masses of having  one Arab nation come to life. The Arab people do not want the Arab States divided even more so multiple (Islamists) Emirates take place.  The Arab people know beyond a doubt that the Moslem Brotherhood in the Region is no more than an agent of the West and is trying to implement this New Middle East plan. The Arab people know that this Moslem Brotherhood movement is not Moslem neither Brothers of the Arab people. Their culture and customs are not even Arabic and thus they are foreign agents that need to be defeated once and for all so a new dawn in the Region will shine.

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