Friday, August 30, 2013

US stay out of our World

The United States of America should be the last on Earth to talk about Humanity, and especially when it comes to the situation in Syria. The US has no creditability when it comes dealing to with Arab and/or Muslim countries. Its track record is clear and it doesn’t speak well about itself.
It was not too long ago, when the Secretary of State Colin Powell went in front of the whole World and lied about the Weapons of mass destruction, he claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed. He was reading from fabricated Intelligence reports prepared by “Israel” , even though ,  the UN inspection team(s) said it very clearly : Iraq does not have WMD. As a result, The US attacked Iraq with two Tons Bombs, Uranium tainted weapons and as a result 100’s of Thousands of Iraqis died and the country was brought it back to the Stone Age. The Same scenario is taking place once again, and Obama is trying to find a backbone in him and that’s why he’s doing exactly what George W Bush did and is using the same source of Intelligence and will go out lying to all just like what the Bush administration did more than a decade ago. It’s a shameful criminal act that will cement the notion that “Israel” is grabbing the US by a leach and leading it to another low.
For almost 2 ½ years, the US actively worked on trying to get rid of the regime of Bashar Al Asad of Syria. It encouraged Qatar and Saudi Arabia to spend Billions of Dollars and made it easy to import fighters from all corners of the Globe to fight in Syria. The massacres committed by these pay-for –hire fighters in Syria are well documented and no human mind can comprehend the level of violence these Salafies and Jihadi committed. Many European countries and even the US were talking from both sides of their mouths. From one side they were saying that they are horrified and would not know what to do with their nationals that are part of this Jihadi front once they go back home and saying from the other side of that the opposition to Bashar Al Asad should be supported with weapons, money and logistical support.
The slashing of Syrian citizen’s throats and the beheading of priests and Sheikh are filling up YouTube. Documented use of Chemical weapon by these hired “Freedom Fighter” against Syrian army unites are well known to the all. It’s the US, the EU that do not want to believe it because it implicates them and it implicates   Turkey and “Israel”.
Bashar Al Asad problem is that refused to be a part of the US slaves camp in the Arab World. He’s not anymore “ruthless or less Democratic “than the Kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia or any other presidents or rulers in the Region. Bashar Al Asad decided that he needs to be out of the US hegemony in the area because nothing good will come to his country and his people if he was in the US camp. He understood early on that the US is never loyal to any of its servants. The examples are too many and too clear and that’s why he lined himself with a Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinians in order to make sure that Arab dignity, land and solvency   be restored. This is not acceptable to the US and “Israel” who planned the New Middle East Order which will split into mini states most of the Arab Countries and will install multi sect leaderships that will control these newly found states and will fight between each other, like what happened in Sudan, Yemen and Libya in the meanwhile the US will continue raping what’s left of the regions resources and “Israel “will swallow what’s left of Palestine. 
What the US and its allies don’t know or are choosing to ignore is that the times have changed and no one anywhere, and especially in the Arab World, would want to live without a minimum level of liberty or democracy. People know that the US and its allies are not on their side and thus no one will trust whats coming from them. Watching and hearing what the Arab masses are saying about the expected US attack on Syria proves that the US and its Allies are living in a lala land.  Even the true opposition to the Syrian Regime is against what the US.. People from one end of the Arab World to the other are against the US. They don’t trust it. They saw what the US have done in the region. They do not understand the US support to “Israel “, an aggressor and a colonizing body that doesn’t respect any human norm or rule. They see how hypocrite and ruthless the US is and are all against it and its policies in the region.
What the Arab people want is for the US to stay out of their affairs. They are sick or the destruction and wars the US has brought into their lives. They want to be left alone and this round up ,I feel ,that if the US doesn’t  leave them alone , it’s going to be dealt with a good spanking , a prelude to an all out defeat of it’s baby “Israel”, its prestige  and all of its Arab slave kings and Emirs .  Might doesn’t always make right, and in this very instance, the US is definitely is on the wrong side of the fight and will lose way more than it will gain if it goes on and hit Syria.
War is not the answer and the US should be out of the region and shouldn’t be mingling in the lives of the Arabs.

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