Saturday, September 21, 2013

And they all call this a "Civil War" ....What a Shame.

Civil war | Define Civil war at
a war between political factions or regions within the same country.
 Really Mr. Obama ?Is this what going on  in Syria ? More than a 140 Thousand foreign (not Syrians) fighters for hire from all over the Globe are fighting the government of Bashar El Asad of Syria and the US , The EU , The Gulf States ,but worse the Media outlets in these countries,that should know better, are all calling this a civil war when its clearly  and under any definition , can not and should not be called that.
And what would the US government do if thousands of foreign mercenaries  came through the border and decided to establish a self-governed mini state in California or Texas or Washington ? And will CNN call this a civil war?
Any sovereign  state will fight for its Sovereignty . And the US used worse lethal weapons on a less severe situations .
The incident in 1993 in Waco Texas could be termed "civil war" or its much more acceptable to be termed civil war that what's going on in Syria .We all remember what the US government did with the  Branch Davidians religious sect that decided they want to be left alone. The US did not use Chemical weapons on the 28 kids and the 55 adults but rather burnet the compound they will held up in to the ground .
Hypocrisy ? Its actually worse than that . Its committing war crimes and the leaders of the US , EU ,the Gulf States and "Israel" should all be triad for war crimes for their support of the mercenaries  that are destroying Syria and terrorizing a peaceful populations .

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